An Ontology Editor for Android - Defining a first set of specs

In my previous post, I have discussed some of the motivation for wanting to write an ontology editor - or at least the beginnings of one - for the Android platform. In this post, I want to discuss how I got started.

Before writing code, I actually sat down and spec'ed out the first bits of functionality that I wanted to get to before releasing some code. A 0.1 version of the ontology editor - working title "ontodroid" - should have the following functionality:

  • ontodroid should be able to create a new ontology from scratch
  • ontodroid should be able to load an existing ontology from a predefined shared location on the android device - for the first version I have decided that that should be the "Downloads" folder. In future iterations, Dropbox and Google Drive functionality should be added.
  • ontodroid should be able to list all non-anonymous classes in the ontology in a list view: no hierarchical representation at this stage
  • ontodroid should display all asserted superclasses and subclasses of a class selected from the class view
  • ontodroid should allow the assertion of new subclass and superclass relationships
  • ontodroid will not deal with ontology imports in this iteration
  • ontodroid will not allow the user to define new relations or relate classes via relations in this iteration

I even did some wireframes using the excellent Balsamiq tool (can be used for free from their website), but I suspect that by the time some of this is implemented, it'll look nothing like the wireframing - so I am not going to even post them here.

Time to get hacking....