Version Control for Open Government

In a previous post, I have already alluded to the fact that distributed version control systems such as Git and hosts such as Github and the collaborative manner of working which they engender, are having a profound effect on the Open Government movement.

In particular GitHub is developing into one of the major hubs for this as it acts as a mechanism for collaborative work and as a social network.

I would like to explore this further through a collection of links:

GitHub Repositories of Cities

(a) City of Philadelphia Repository

(b) City of Chicago Repository

(c) The City of Buenos Aires

Github Repositories of State Governments

(a) The UK Government (much code and in particular the source code for

(b) The White House (api-standards and code for the petitions website)

(c) The Canadian Government

(d) The Finnish Government

Github Repositories of Government Agencies

(a) NASA

...and of course, see also Robert McMillan's Wired article on how GitHub helps "hack the government. I will keep expanding this list as I come across more repos. Please feel free to contribute in the comments section.