Version Control for the Lone Scientist Part 2 - BiomedCentral

Following on from my first blog post, version control and using the social aspects of distributed version control systems for science seems to be a general hot topic at the moment. BioMedCentral just announced over on their blog, that they have teamed up with the folks from Github in order to better understand how scientists use it to go about their science and what some of the use-cases are and what crystallises as best practice.

They have promised to blog about their findings on the BiomedCentral and Github blogs and that should make for some interesting reading in the future.

The post also contains a link to a paper [1] (open access) in Source Code For Biology and Medicine discussing how git and version control systems can lead to greater reproducibility. However, skimming the paper, it seems to be mainly a position paper - it would be wonderful if someone could undertake a full scientific study as to whether tools like git really do lead to more reproducible computational experiments.

[1] K. Ram, Source Code for Biology And Medicine (2013) 8:7 (